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Title: Pathways to English Language Learner Success
Duration: 30 minutes
Presenter: Boris Morew, Subject Matter Expert, K-12 Solutions at Rosetta Stone


Overcoming the challenges presented by growing English Language Learner (ELL) populations can be overwhelming. Today ELLs represent about 11 percent of the overall student population, and that number is expected to grow to 25 percent over the next decade. By 2025, nearly one out of every four public school students will be an English Language Learner.

Improving language development can make a difference for ELLs. The Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite delivers ELL solutions to help students build language confidence quickly and feature:

When you download the white paper, you’ll understand:

  • Carefully structured interactive lessons: encourage students to build confidence, improving oral skills
  • Speech-recognition technology: practice English pronunciation in a safe, friendly learning environment
  • Anytime, anywhere online access: incorporate additional speaking activities to advance their English-language skills

Closing the achievement gap isn’t rocket science. But it does require a concerted effort on the part of parents, teachers, administrator, and communities. Together, we can bridge this gap and ensure these students succeed.

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