Free White Paper - Speaking the Language of the 21st Century: World Language Teachers and their Use of Technology

This white paper is a collaborative effort between Rosetta Stone Education and Project Tomorrow using data from the school districts who participated in the 2012 Speak Up survey. Its purpose is to explicate the experiences, insights and desires of World Language K-12 educators in the United States and their use of technology as they work to meet the needs of students in this rapidly changing environment.

Key findings from this special analysis are:

  • World Language teachers are currently using technology at higher rates than the national teaching population.
  • World Language teachers are using technology to improve their personal productivity and effectiveness.
  • World Language Teachers are using technology to personalize learning based on student need.
  • Policy and infrastructure constraints continue to limit full technology integration in schools.
  • World Language teachers believe that technology has a fundamental role in maximizing student achievement in language acquisition courses for 21st Century learners.
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