Rosetta Stone Education I Digital Learning Day

Rosetta Stone is pleased to announce our participation in the Digital Learning Day campaign. Together let’s celebrate innovative teaching and personalized learning, and explore how digital learning can provide all students the opportunity to build the skills needed to succeed in the twenty-first century.

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Digital learning enables teachers to provide each student a personalized experience that addresses unique learning needs. And digital learning supports anytime, anywhere learning. We’ve pulled together some resources to help you get started.

The Blended and Virtual Learning Frontier Special Report

Blended Learning Special ReportDiscover the impact that technology—and specifically, blended and virtual learning—is having on education. Learn about real-world ideas for classrooms and online programs based on what educators are already doing on this new frontier. Gain insight on what works on the blended and virtual learning frontier.

Infographic: The Evolution of Language Learning

infographicDigital technology can help expand language programs while addressing the learning styles of a tech savvy student body. Learn how language learning has evolved in our schools. View the infographic.

Digital Language Learning

Digital Resources Drive English Acquisition

ALAS ArticleEnglish language learners represent one of the fastest-growing students groups in K-12 education today. Incorporating technology enables ELLs to more quickly attain English literacy. Learn how to leverage technology in your ELL programs.

World Language Learning Anytime, Anywhere

When one of Dallas Independent School District’s schools wanted to provide world language instruction for students in grades 6-12, they sought an online program that would blend with classroom instruction and extend learning time. Read how The Barack Obama Male Leadership Academy (BOMLA) delivers anytime, anywhere language learning.