• World readiness starts HERE.
    Let language lead the way.

How are you preparing equipping teaching your students for tomorrow’s challenges?

Today’s teachers will launch tomorrow’s global citizens—and language will be their students’ key to communication.
Let’s make sure all students have access to language programs in school.


Act Now: Raise Awareness and Be Part of the Solution

Increasing students’ language skills and global competency is now a 21st century necessity. Yet, resources and time for language programs have been shrinking while the need for multilingualism only grows.

Take the #GetLanguageReady Pledge to:

  • Be an advocate for access to language learning programs in schools.
  • Spread the word that students need to graduate with language skills.
  • Prepare students to become global citizens.
  • Help students understand and respect cultural diversity.
  • Share information and resources.

Take the Pledge


Closing the World Language Education Gap

Only 18% of K-12 students study a world language, which means most students are unprepared for their global futures.

Download this eBook to learn how closing the world language gap prepares students to compete for global jobs, manage multicultural colleagues, and collaborate on global teams.

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Making It Happen: Success Stories