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Watch this interactive video to explore the Rosetta Stone® Language Learning Suite for K-12. You’ll find solutions for ELL and World Language instruction that support individual learning styles and abilities.

Discover how Rosetta Stone Foundations:

  • Scaffolds content in a structured immersion environment
  • Begins to teach speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills instantly
  • Reinforces learning in a fun, engaging way with Games and Activities
  • Find out how Rosetta Stone Advantage:

  • Involves advanced students in their language acquisition
  • Complements classroom instruction with flexible content
  • Gives teachers the ability to assess students online
  • Watch the video to see how each solution:

  • Guides pronunciation with immediate speech feedback
  • Extends learning beyond the classroom with mobile apps
  • Provides Administrator Tools to track and measure progress

Rosetta Stone Language Learning Suite for K-12 solutions personalize language learning for every student, every day.

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